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Lawyers in Cayman Islands

Lawyers in Cayman Islands

Many foreign investors are interested in Cayman Islands company formation due to the attractive taxation regime and overall simple management and company requirements. Nonetheless, having a team of Cayman lawyers to work with presents unique advantages irrespective of the type of business or the industry in which the company activates.

Our team offers efficient solutions to various types of business and commercial disputes and our lawyers specialize in several key practice areas. We are one of the full-service Cayman Islands law firms and we are accustomed to working with international clients. We strive to find solutions as quickly as possible, with little business disruption so that your Cayman Islands company can resume or keep working as per usual. 

Our services

We offer a full range of solutions, tailored to the needs of our clients and taking into consideration the particular business field in which the company activates, as well as its size and number of employees. We offer an efficient approach to litigation and other legal issues and our lawyers maintain a good level of communication with our international clients. 

Some of the most important services we provide fall under the following categories:

  • Corporate: legal services tailored to companies that operate in the Cayman Islands; complete guidance on corporate structuring, licensing requirements and the operational model for exempt companies that offer offshore services; understanding how you can provide international services from Grand Cayman is essential before getting the business running;
  • Litigation: we are one of the Cayman Islands law firms that specialize in litigation in various business matters including but not limited to shareholder litigation, breach of agreements, intellectual property disputes and others;
  • Employment: our team of lawyers can help you hire employees for your Cayman Islands international company and can also help you solve any employment disputes that may arise;
  • Incorporation: we specialize in various business matters and this also include legal counsel on all matters related to Cayman Islands incorporation.

We are also able to aid foreign clients who are interested in buying real estate in the Cayman Islands. If you are interested in commercial or residential property transactions, please reach out to our lawyers. 

Our expertise

We understand the motives that make the Cayman Islands attractive for offshore company formation and we are able to offer valuable insight and guidance to international investors who are ready to open their business here. 

We not only specialize in a variety of corporate matters, along with being able to provide litigation services, we are also available for any questions regarding the formation of trusts in the Cayman Islands as well as several other matters that may relate to individual issues, such as obtaining a visa or the general immigration policies.

The mission of our Cayman lawyers is to deliver complete services, at the same time focusing on customer experience and supporting the business image throughout. 

We also provide pre-incorporation legal services for those who wish to understand the complete business provisions set forth by the Cayman Islands Government

Litigation services offered by the Cayman Islands law firms

We are one of the law firms with extensive experience in litigation matters. Our attorneys can assist you in contentious litigation cases including but not limited to commercial disputes, contract disputes, employment or intellectual property disputes as well as shareholder disputes. We are able to find adequate and fast solutions and our team also includes specialists that can assist clients with out-of-court dispute settlement, such as arbitration. This can be a recommended choice in many cases where the individuals wish to come to a quick resolve of the matter. In addition to this, arbitration generally implies fewer costs compared to court litigation.

Our lawyers in Cayman Islands provide legal representation in front of all the Courts in the Cayman Islands, at each level. While our team focuses on commercial and business matters, also including insolvency, we also provide assistance and representation in other areas, such as inheritance or property disputes.

Legal services provided by our lawyers.png

Real estate lawyers

As one of the Cayman law firms that also specializes in real estate, we are able to assist foreign clients who wish to purchase a property in this idyllic location. Foreign property purchases are fully permitted and encouraged and the development of new commercial or residential property can greatly contribute to the economic prosperity of the islands.

The property purchase phase is straightforward, however, working with a team of lawyers can greatly reduce the time needed to prepare the documents for the sale or, if you are the buyer, it can help you check if the property you intend to buy has a price that is true to the current market trends. Our team will help you perform a due diligence verification and we will assist you in purchasing residential homes, hotels, large commercial buildings and other types of real estate. We also provide legal advice concerning mortgages and re-mortgages.

When foreign investors decide to buy a house or another type of property in the islands, they will often need to make several trips from their country of origin in order to complete and sign the documents. One of our agents can act on the interested party’s behalf through a special power of attorney, a legal instrument allowing our agent to act in the name of the buyer for the entire duration of the property purchase, or as specifically indicated in the document. This means that you will not need to extend your stay or plan multiple trips to and from the islands. We are one of the Cayman Islands law firms that can provide legal representation in this manner not only for real estate issues, but also for handling a number of other matters that require the foreign nationals physical presence (which is thus substituted by our appointed agent who will have signature right).

We invite you to watch the following video summarizing our services:

Lawyers specializing in regulatory matters

The Cayman Islands is a favorable location to base financial services companies that provide solutions to international clients. The business and regulatory climate is occasionally subject to changes and updates and the Cayman Islands follows a number of international agreements and regimes.

Foreign investors from the United States can rely on us as being one of the Cayman law firms that offers complete guidance on the FATCA updates and rules. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a special reporting mechanism in place for submitting data on the financial accounts that are held by US nationals to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The Tax Information Authority Law is the main document that regulates the implementation of this agreement and our team can give you complete information on the rules included in the FATCA document.

Understanding the current laws and regulations that produce effects is important for all investors, not only US ones. Our lawyers in Cayman Islands can offer you assistance as needed, before you invest in the jurisdiction.

Company formation services in the Cayman Islands

The legal services we provide for foreign investors who open a company in the Cayman Islands are one of the pillars of our activity. Our company incorporation services is suited to our client’s needs and the industry in which the future business will activate. The fast-track process allows for easy, and, in some cases, same-day services related to business formation – an important feature for investors who wish to start a business.

We are one of the Cayman Islands law firms that assist investors from start to finish, from choosing the company type and reserving the company name to obtaining the mandatory permits and licenses, if applicable.

Investors interested in setting up a Cayman Islands company can rely on our expertise and our legal services that target corporate formation and compliance. We assist our clients with advice and ongoing support throughout all the company formation stages, as needed. Upon request, our agents can act as an attorney in fact (an agent authorized to act on the behalf of another person) during the registration process.

The Cayman Islands exempted company is among the most popular business forms, given the fact that it allows for full-foreign ownership, its setup is a simple one and the general incorporation process can be handled with the help of one of our incorporation lawyers.

The General Registry Statistics provide an accurate and informative picture of the current registration situation and the business forms preferred by investors. Below, our Cayman lawyers summarize some of these available statistics:

  • 12,817 companies were registered in 2019;
  • 109,986 companies were active in the Cayman Islands as of Q1 2020;
  • 1,735 trusts were active in Q1 2020;
  • there were 29,877 active partnerships in the first three months of 2020.

Should you be interested in information about these business structures, our lawyers can help you with information about the laws and regulations regarding the following:

  1. Companies: the Companies Law, with its subsequent 2018 and 2020 revisions as well as the Beneficial Ownership Regulations 2018, among others;
  2. Partnerships: the Exempted Limited Partnership Law and Regulations and the Partnership Law;
  3. Trusts: the Trusts Law, according to its 2020 revision as well as any other regulations;
  4. Others: information about the laws applicable to benevolent organizations as well as the laws governing Intellectual Property in the Cayman Islands.

Laws and regulations in the Cayman Islands 

The laws that are relevant form a commercial point of view, that impact the manner in which businesses may be formed and may operate, are listed below by our Cayman Islands company formation agents:

  • Companies Law: includes information about the constitution and incorporation of companies, the distribution of capital and the liability of company members as well as the winding up of companies.
  • Banks and Trust Companies License Applications Regulations: relevant for investors who are interested in commencing commercial activities related to banking; includes information about the various types of licenses and their fees.
  • Directors Registration and Licensing Law: information about the role of registered directors, corporate directors, powers and duties.
  • Insurance Law: regulates commercial activities in the insurance sector; contains information about licensing and the duties of the licensees.
  • Money Services Law: regulations for those engaged in commercial activities related to currency exchange, money transmission, cheque cashing and others.
  • Mutual Funds Law: the regulations on the licensing requirements for those companies that provide services related to mutual fund management.
  • Securities Investment Business Law: the regulation of securities investment businesses, licensing and conditions for these types of companies. 

Investors should keep in mind that this is only a brief description of the provisions set forth as to the manner in which commercial activities may be undertaken in the Cayman Islands. Other laws and regulations are also relevant when discussing commercial activities and our Cayman Islands incorporation agents can provide more details on these. 

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority is a key authority operating under the Monetary Authority Law that maintains the Island’s position as a financial center. Registration with the Authority is mandatory for many of the commercial activities undertaken by locally registered companies.

For more information about the services we provide as one of the Cayman Islands law firms, please contact our lawyers.