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Legal Services in Cayman Islands

Legal Services in Cayman Islands

Having a team of lawyers to support your business is important and many foreign investors who are interested in setting up a Cayman Islands company find that, along with incorporation services, they are also in need of ongoing legal advice and support.

Our team provides quality law services in the Cayman Islands through our partners and lawyers, as needed. We offer complete solutions, according to the needs of the business and according to the business field in which it operates. Many investors are interested in setting up international businesses that are focused on the financial sector. However, the Islands are also a beautiful exotic holiday destination and other investors will be interested in handling legal matters that are specific to this business field. We are able to assist all types of investors, through our team of lawyers as well as our team of Cayman Islands company formation agents.

Types of legal services in the Cayman Islands

Our team works with legal professionals and lawyers who can help investors not only with Cayman Islands incorporation but also with a host of other services that are relevant for opening and running an international business.

Our main areas of practice include the following:

  • Corporate and business: corporate formation services, business dispute resolution, license applications, due diligence services, and others.
  • Employment and Labor Law: complete counsel on the Labor Law and matters concerning the employment of foreign workers.
  • Intellectual Property Law: assistance for the protection of creative works as well as trademarks and patents.
  • Real estate: we help investors purchase property in the Cayman Islands while observing the relevant laws for foreign investors.
  • Banking and financial services: our team handles legal matters concerning the banking and financial services sector, including assistance for licensing.
  • Others: other key areas can include trust law, immigration law, debt collection, and others.

Our lawyers provide complete legal solutions, suited for those investors interested in offshore incorporation. We offer corporate solutions and are able to help our clients meet with any specific requirements, such as licensing with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

You can reach out to us if a type of service that you are interested in is not listed. One of our Cayman Islands incorporation specialists will provide you with complete information about our services.

Complete solutions for Cayman Islands company formation

Our team specializes in providing complete packages for company formation in the Islands. The location is one of the preferred jurisdictions for offshore company formation, as it offers a quick incorporation process, flexible legal forms and a high degree of investor confidentiality.

The following list includes the main services we offer for setting up a Cayman Islands company:

  1. Choosing the legal form: our lawyers are able to provide the needed pre-incorporation counseling on choosing the right type of company.
  2. Document preparation: drafting the Memorandum and Articles of Association is a step that can be accomplished with the help of our lawyers.
  3. Name check and reservation: the company needs to have a unique name, thus, this step is a mandatory one and our attorneys can handle it.
  4. Registration: our team can assist investors in submitting the documentation to the Cayman Islands General Register.

Our team of lawyers and company formation experts can provide complete information about the laws and regulations in the Cayman Islands. We can provide details and counseling on the provisions of relevant laws, such as the Companies Law, the Companies Winding up Rules, the Limited Liability Companies Regulations and many other corporate laws. Other laws of interest can include the Trademarks Regulations or the Copyright Order (both for Cayman Islands and for International Organizations).

Many foreign investors choose to open a company in the Cayman Islands, as seen below from the general registry statistics:

  • there are 109,818 active companies in Q1 2019;
  • there were 1,087 companies registered in June 2019;
  • 9 trusts were registered in June 2019;
  • in 2018, 16,326 companies were registered.

Contact our lawyers and experts in Cayman Islands company formation for complete information about the services and legal solutions we provide.